hikaru nagatake photography
hikaru nagatake photography
hikaru nagatake photography


永武ひかる 南米をはじめ世界各地で撮影取材。著作『マジカル・ハーブ』『アマゾン漢方』、写真絵本『世界のともだち3 ブラジル」、訳書『アマゾンの呪術師』、プロデュース写真本『ワンダーアイズ世界の子どもたちが写した写真集』等。写真展「森に聴く」「風に聴く」「セアラの風」「子ゾウの森」「ワンダーリオ」等、2000年より世界の子どもたちが写真を写す非営利のプロジェクトWONDER EYES PROJECT主宰、国内外でワークショップや写真展を開いている… more -> about

hikaru nagatake – shooting around the world and especially in the South America, which came out in Japan the photo stories and exhibitions such as “Deep forest in the Amazon” “Listening to the Wind” “Forest of a baby elephant” “Wonder Rio”, and the books like “Amazon Kampo” “Magical Herb”, describing the cultural bond between the land and the people. Published also a picture book for the children “Friends of World 3 – Brazil”. Since 2000, directing the nonprofit photo project for the children of the world “WONDER EYES PROJECT”, organizing the workshops and exhibitions in the different countries… … more -> about

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