Voice of Aboriginal Land– 大地の声 〜オーストラリア –


Camping with the indigenous people on their land of Australia, we encountered with the “Morning Glory”, huge wave cloud on the coast of Gulf Carpentaria,

大地の色 color of the land
ディンゴの足跡 a foot print of dingo
伝統的な野焼き traditional burning glass
チューインガムがわりの樹脂resin for chewing gum
painting work of didgeridoo by indigenous artist  


Women elders of the indigenous were trying to protest the traditional land from the nuclear waste in Southern Australia. To support them, Aussie girls did trek with camels in the desert and put out the message to protect the land and nature (1999).

women elders of the indigenous protest the traditional land from the nuclear waste in Southern Australia
Aussie girls trekking to protest for the support for the indigenous elders
a supporter of the trek with the satellite communication at the time
mound spring on the desert of the waters of the Great Artesian Basin
lake Eyre as sacred site of the indigenous Australians 
Day break