Sumatra Forest and a baby elephant– スマトラの森と孤児の子ゾウ(2009-2010) –

スマトラの森の孤児の子ゾウ an orphan baby elephant in Sumatra forest


It was in the Sumatra’s forest.  I met a little baby elephant, one and a half years old and an orphan. His mother elephant probably died or was killed, and apparently separated from the group of wild elephants. Usually baby elephant can not survive without a mother elephant. This baby followed the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) elephant patrolling team. The team tried to sent him away in the wild, but he did stay with them. At first, the elephants of the patrolling team did not let the baby join, but gradually accepted, and one of the female elephant has become like a mother.



According to the WWF, the forest has disappeared rapidly in Sumatra Island. In the cultivated land, oil palm (raw material for palm oil) and acacia (raw material for paper) have been extensively harvested (which are exported to Western countries and Japan). Sumatran elephants lose their habitat, and their numbers had decreased. And some elephants were killed by residents because they come out in the field and damage crops. WWF has been taking emergency measures, organizing elephant patrol, to prevent conflicts with residents and wild elephants, also poaching and illegal logging.

WWF elephants patrol team with the orphan baby
the road divided the habitat of the elephants 
orphan baby elephant with WWF patrol team
usually baby elephant can not live alone
ゾウの一頭がまるで母親のように an adult elephant like a mother
taken care by the veterinarian
orphan baby elephant with a new mother – 孤児の子ゾウと母親がわりになったゾウと


The forest of Sumatra is the only place on the earth planet where tiger, elephant, rhinoceros, orangutan live together.

And there is a rich forest where twice more than species of plants observed in the Amazon.

May the forest be with all